Selected Projects

Initiative, Planning & Construction – the one-stop experience

Initiation, planning and construction under the same roof

Briga projects are carefully chosen and carefully built. Briga is the entrepreneur, planner, implementing agency, and marketing manager of all its projects. For you the client, this simply means you get more. Our specifications for levels of finish are as prestigious as they are diverse, generously rich with possibilities. You can choose from among the top suppliers and leading design houses in Israel and worldwide. Put all these possibilities together into one unique harmony. For good reason Briga is famous for its precision, high level implementation, exciting architectural options, and international level end product.

Briga – Uncompromising Quality

Briga - uncompromising quality

At Briga we are fastidious about construction quality, offering surprising planning and design options, and embedding prestigious end products and accessories. On the other hand, Briga maintains the closeness of family and its family tradition of dedicated client service, provided with our sincere care. Our professional follow-up is part of our authentic personal commitment to you, the client, to ensure the best results possible.

One-stop experience

As the planning and executing company, Briga is who you turn to for every aspect of your home. Every promise we give is backed up by guarantee and every dream you have we help to make true.

One-stop experience

The Briga family friendship

As a family company excelling in the personal touch, we assure immediacy and attentiveness. It makes us happy to make you happy.

The Briga family friendship

You get more

From the space, the specifications, the location and the living experience. Briga always offers more. Much more.

You get more

Innovative planning

Ultra modern exteriors, sports areas, spa and leisure options in impressive environments make Briga buildings unique.

Innovation planning

Beauty starts on the inside

Top end interior architecture, especially large apartments, and flexible interior spaces all work to make your home the one you’ve always wanted.

Beauty starts from within

Up to key handover… and beyond

Briga assures your full satisfaction and service for years after the purchase is completed.

Up to key handover… and beyond

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