About Briga - בריגה - Briga

About Briga

The Briga Real Estate Company was established in 1979 as a family business and is managed by the Briga family till this day. We have always led the company according to uncompromising principles that include exclusive responsibility for our projects, from the planning stages to completion and delivery to the customer, prestigious specifications in the planning to a relationship based on trust, authenticity and courtesy with all our customers. Briga is one of the most professional companies in the construction market in Israel at the interpersonal level and throughout the entire construction process. We are committed, honest and open with our customers, which makes us unique and exceptional in the field as a construction company that manages all stages of the project itself, we offer both VIP service and full warranty at the same time. Finding a home and living in a project in Briga is a unique experience that not many people enjoy being a part of.


All exhibits are for illustration purposes only, including directions, dimensions, finishing materials or any other information from the marketing materials and are for illustration purposes only. The documents and information that binds the company are the documents that constitute appendices to the sale agreement signed between the parties only, and they alone will bind the company.